my name is Rina.

I’m an artist and a photographer.

I have exhibited my work in USA, Australia, Canada, UK, France, Spain, Sweden, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia.

I received numerous awards including the Nominee in 2019 and 2016 Edition of International Photography Grant, 2nd place Winner in Fine Art category PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris 2013, Shortlisted in London International Creative Competition 2012, Recognition in the Sony World Photography awards 2011, 2013.


I see the photographic medium as a reflection of a inner world, not reality. The topic that intrigues and motivates me from the very beginning of my research in the field of photography as a medium of expression, is introspection, the inner individual space of thinking and perception. Therefore, I give the stamp of the intimate to my works by placing my inner world as the subject of recording. The constructed photography, to which my work belong, resonates most precisely with my ideas and opens a wide range of possibilities towards the most convincing presentation of the desired symbolic meanings. Also, constructed photography stimulates the re-examination of the boundaries of photography as a medium. I start the process by the inner flickering of the possible, objectifying it, fixing the idea and translating it into a photographic work. I include painting and sculpture techniques in my work. I build models from cardboard and Styrofoam, constructs scenography from different materials (paper, plastic, wire, sponge, textile). In some works, I use photos from the old family albums. Also, I use an old large-format camera, film and analog technique to authentically combine the presence of old photography in a new ambience. In my pieces, I primarily addresses my emotions. A combination of fantasy, that is emotionally surprising, characterized by exaggeration and distance from reality and photography that is clear, that should convince us, characterized by reality and truth, with the common goal of showing the harmony of childhood impressions and current internal reflections. Therefore, the photographs carry a specific atmosphere of inner focus and timeless silence. Although they bear the stamp of the personal, they provide possibilities for everyone to interpret the photographs in their own personal way.

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