A Different World


In this series of photographs, the artist found inspiration and beauty in her old family photo albums. Artist’s main starting point is that photography is a reflection of a special world, topics related to her works are always encouraged by some personal event. A person with whomshe spent a lot of time as a child and practically grew up with, her grandmother, suffered from dementia. As the artist took care of her every day, she noticed that her beloved grandmother spent most of her time looking at those photos, often talking to certain characters from the photographs. This work is, symbolically, grandmother’s and mine last play before parting. Artist’s grandmother chose the photos, so the artist revived them in a certain way, creating new memories in place of old ones, creating the last memories.
In her work, the artist uses documents of reality, if there is such a thing, cuts out family members from them and places them in dioramas. Like our memory, they are undergoing transformation. Reality exists only in this moment. With the influence of time, our perception of reality has been handed over to memory and has already been changed and incorporated into the moments that came before or after. It is possible to forget some details, to add numerous emotions, or to forget them completely. The work process contains the transformation of what has already been created. This results in a dialogue with the relative notion of reality – by moving known objects into an unknown context. This leads to the construction of a new reality, shifting the boundaries of linear coherence of the past and the present. At the same time, different realities are superimposed. More broadly, photos from family albums are invaluable. It is an interesting fact that a man in trouble, in addition to necessities, keeps photos of the family album with him. Therefore, the photographs are of both, personal and sociological, aspect of essential importance. Although this is a personal story, the topic of the family, as the core of society, is current at the time of devaluation of family values.

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