People are increasingly exposed to stress today, socially isolated and politically divided. As a result, we have more and more psychological disorders such as anxiety. Anxiety does not arise, we create it. Thoughts about certain events and significance we attach to them are the causative agents of reaction.  People are not upset by some events, but by their thoughts, ideas, philosophies… Anxiety is a feeling of vague fear, tension. People generally feel the loss of interest in the outside world. Many artists admit that they have this feeling while they are creating their artwork. As if they were going through a “birth” before they were born piece of art. Not all people are struggling with this feeling in this way, but the rule that applies to art is that anxiety is a servant of creativity (T.S. Eliot).In my work “Utopia” I try to present this condition. Utopia is derived from the Greek word ou + topos meaning non-place. A place that does not exist, as well as anxiety, and also the room on photographs are not real. I make models, rooms, in which nature is detained. Nature represents a man. A man trapped in his own world, a man who lives his ideas. Utopians are people who are looking into the future, utopian reality is unattainable, utopia is more like an idealist dream of a man who knew a lot, but couldn’t do much about it.